experience and love

Igniting the flame of love for nature in today's children may seem quite hard with all those screens around them. This is the solution, begin with trees! 

  • Letting children play with/on/around/among trees is the first step to knowing more and caring about trees.
  • No more boring pictures of something away from the children's interest - they will have the first-hand experience.
  • Encourage children to build up their sensitivity to trees and develop a close relationship with them.
  • Only after this crucial first stage, you can continue with building knowledge - This will lead into TREES II.
  • Want to get the kids moving and sensing the real world while learning? Here we go!

What do you get

  • countless ideas that will help you on the way outdoors, to boost your health and lift up your spirits
  • 50 pages full of inspiration
  • 12 lessons with elaborated setup, ending with reflection
  • pictures that will lure you outside
  • interesting and useful tips and extensions

how the lessons look like:


18 EUR


25 USD


445 CZK

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